Please take a look at the lovely messages we have received from our customers during this summer. We've had some amazing times and great laughs out on the water with them, so it's lovely to know they have enjoyed their time with us as much as we have.

So if you're wondering whether to book a flight for yourself or whether you're thinking about surprising someone with a gift voucher.......we hope the feedback below can help to persuade you to do so!!

If you have any questions (or need convincing further!) please do not hesitate to call and the team will answer any questions you may have.

Trip Advisor (October 2015)

“Adrenalin Rush”

Oh my Gosh this was absolutely awesome . Fantastic adrenalin rush cant wait to do it again . The instructor has the patience of a saint. I am not brilliant in the water and he made the whole experience fantastic. Even though you are flying alone he was right there with me on the jet ski giving on the spot instruction. BRILLIANT !

Facebook Message (01-Sept-15)

"Great day out for me and my pal, Dave. What a great sport,
If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out.
Thanks guys for looking after us we had a fab day despite the weather."

Facebook Message (28-Aug-15)

"Thank you SO MUCH for making the day so enjoyable...a totally unforgettable experience!!
My son is still walking around with a huge grin (!) and I'm sure we'll be back!
Will highly recommend to everyone, and such a perfect location.

Facebook Message (24-Aug-15)

"We cannot thank you enough for Saturday, it was the best ever activity and Katie absolutely loved it.
Photos are brilliant, hilarious and something she will remember forever."

Facebook Message (24-Aug-15)

"Fantastic day.
Thanks to the team at Jetlev-Flyer UK - you were awesome!"

Facebook Message (23-Aug-15)

"Thanks for a fab day, the pictures are great.
Mum and dad are going to be booking in soon!
Jack and Jaz x

Facebook Message (23-Aug-15)

"My Dad and I had a great time today, thanks to Malcolm and the team!
Totally worth the second flight and maybe a third, fourth and fifth too........"

Facebook Message (23-Aug-15)

"Would like everyone in jetlev a good future. This is an experience everyone should try.
The staff are great, friendly and explain everything.
Thank you so so much. Good luck."

Facebook Message (23-Aug-15)

"These are brilliant"

Facebook Message (21-Aug-15)

"Great pictures. Great morning."

Red Letter Day Customer Feedback (17-Aug-15)

"Fantastic experience. So exhilarating and exciting - I screamed and laughed for the whole experience and was totally buzzine.
Can't wait to have another go and recommend to everyone.
I am not good with heights but totally loved this."

Facebook Message (17-Aug-15)

"It was a fantastic day, thank you all very much x"

Facebook Message (16-Aug-15)

"Had a great time yesterday! Well done all!!"

Facebook Notification (15-Aug-15)

"An AMAZING day out for the family!
The venue is perfect and the staff are fantastic - thank you all soooooo much!!!!"

Facebook Notification (10-Aug-15)

"Great time beautiful day for a great adventure."

Facebook Notification (10-Aug-15)

"Absolutely loved it. Can't wait to come back and do it again. Check out the pics."

Facebook Notification (10-Aug-15)

"Hey, thank you for an incredible experience on Saturday morning, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and made for a great birthday present!! I have a couple of pictures from our phones (no where near the quality of yours) but I'll send them over anyway. Thank you again!!"

Facebook Notification (09-Aug-15)

"Jetlev was definitely the highlight! I've created an album on my personal page...including some of your fab ones...just waiting on Tom's from his decent camera! x"